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About Pocock Trucking

John S. Pocock Trucking, LLC. was started in 1979 by John S. Pocock (Big John). The main freight was grain to Ogden, Utah, and coal back to an Idaho potato processing plant. In the mid 1980's freight expanded, hauling fertilizer into the Northwest, along with hauling feeds and grains into feedlots and dairies. In the Mid 1990’s Canadian Provinces was added to the freight lanes.

In 1985 John K. Pocock started driving for his Dad until 1991 when he started to dispatch. He continues to dispatch and oversee the trucking portion of the company's expansion.

Big John has focused more on farming potatoes, grains, hay and feeding cattle.

In 2012, Big John passed away and John K. carries on the family business to keep the legacy going. 

We are licensed in the lower 48 states, with primary freight lanes in the Northwest where overweight, overlength doubles are allowed.

The provinces we are licensed in Canada are: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

We are proud of our professional drivers, office staff, and shop staff and thank them for their willingness to work with us, they are the heart of operation.

We hired on owner operators starting in the mid 90’s which have been an important part of moving freight.

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Main Office

453 Business Loop

Sugar City, Idaho 83448

Fax: (208) 656-0580

Phone: (208) 359-1401

Truck Shop

2124 E 200 N

St. Anthony, Idaho 83445

Phone: (208) 458-1002

Cell: (208) 360-5344